International Faculty List BEC 2019 include lectors with great activity and practice.

Prof. Klaus Mathias


Dortmund Teaching Hospital
Department of Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology

Prof. Dr. Hugo Londero, MD, PhD


Head Hemodinamics and Transcatheter Interventions Services, Sanatorio Allende Cordoba

Dr. Jacques Busquet, MD


President of the International Society of EndoVascular Specialists (ISEVS)

Dr. Donald B. Reid, MD, FRCS

United Kingdom

Past President ISEVS (UK),
Consultant Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon in the NHS, Scotland

Prof. Iris Q Grunwald, MD, PhD

United Kingdom

Interventional Neuroradiologist, Director for Neuroscience at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford and Associate Medical Director at Southend University Hospital, Essex

Prof. Gary S. Roubin, MD, PhD, FACC,


Chair Director in Birmingham, Alabama USA, Cardiovascular Associates in Birmingham, Interventional Cardiac and Vascular Medicine Birmingham

Prof. Şahin Şenay


Cardiovascular Surgery, Robotic Surgery, Acıbadem Maslak Hospital and Acıbadem University School of Medicine

Prof. Efe Onganer 


Certified family physician, specialist biomedical engineering, Acibadem University Medical School Department of Family Medicine

Dr. Igor Koncar, MD


Vascular Surgeon at Clinic for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Serbian Clinical Center

Prof. Dr. Lampros Michalis


Professor of Cardiology, University of Ioannina, Director, 2nd Cardiology Department

Prof. Nikas Dimitrios


Assoc. Prof. of Medicine-Rheumatology at University of Athens, School of Medicine

Salah Dine Qanadli, MD, PhD, FCIRSE, FPAIRS 


Interventional Radiology, Lausanne University Hospital

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Victor S. Costache


Medical Director of Center of Cardiovascular Disease, Sibiu

Prof. Ivo Petrov, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC


Head of Cardiology and Angiology Department, Acibadem City Clinic Cardiovascular Center, co-president of the Bulgarian Society for Endovascular Therapy 

Prof. Vassil Velchev, MD, PhD 


Invasive Cardiology Department, University Hospital "St. Anna", Sofia, Bulgaria

Prof. Vassil Chrevenkoff


Head of Vascular Surgery Department, Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital, co-president of the Bulgarian Society for Endovascular Therapy 

Vladimir Cvetic, MD, PhD


Assistant Professor of Radiology
Interventional radiologist
Center for Radiology and MRI
Clinic for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Clinical Center of Serbia

Matjaz Bunc, MD, PhD


Professor of Pathological physiology and Internal medicine at the University of Ljubljana Medical Faculty

Zoltán Ruzsa, MD, PhD, FESC


President of the Hungarian Association of Cardiovascular Interventions
Bács-Kiskun County Hospital, Kecskemét, Invasive Cardiology, Head of Invasive Cardiology Semmelweis University, Invasive Cardiologist, Associate Professor

Dr. Nicola Troisi, MD, MHM


Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, San Giovanni di Dio Hospital, Florence 

Želimir Antonić


Cath Lab Interventionalist, Cardiovascular CT Consultant at Cardiovascular Institute "Dedinje, University of Belgrade

Prof. Dragan Stojanov


 Chief of the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Faculty of Medicine University of Niš

Robert Sachner


Head of Interventional Radiology,
Bnai Zion Medical Center
Haifa, Israel

Dimitrij Kuhelj


Ljubljana University Medical Centre, UMC · Clinical Institute of Radiology

Radoslaw Parma, MD


Department of Cardiology and Structural Heart Diseases 
Medical University of Silesia 

Rodney A. White, MD


Medical Director, Vascular Surgery, Graduate Medical Education at Long Beach Memorial

Bulgarian Faculty List BEC 2019

  • Prof. Ivo Petrov, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC
  • Prof. Vassil Chervenkoff
  • Vassil Velchev, MD, PhD
  • Zoran Stankov, MD
  • Iveta Tasheva, MD, PhD
  • Nikolay Stoyanov, MD
  • Dimitar Nikolov, MD
  • Konstantin Grudkov, MD
  • Nurfet Alioski, MD
  • Marko Klisurski, MD, PhD
  • Stefan Stefanov, MD, PhD
  • Dobrin Vassilev, MD, PhD
  • Chavdar Bachvarov, MD
  • Nikolay Valchev, MD
  • Valeri Gelev, MD
  • Peyo Simeonov, MD
  • Mihail Protich, MD
  • Arman Postadjian, MD, PhD
  • Vassil Traykov, MD
  • Maria Tokmakova, MD, PhD